Design Ontogeny


I offer consultancy services based primarily around software design. It’s currently a side business that compliments my full-time contracting commitments. I’m going under the trading name “Design Ontogeny” to reflect the kind of services I’m offering.

Design Ontogeny Logo

Design Ontogeny Logo

The ‘Design Ontogeny’ logo reflects my belief that software design is simultaneously a technical, precise skill, as well as an organically grown art-form. In previous roles, I’ve also learned that that it doesn’t necessarily come naturally.  It requires nurturing, and growth that I’ve noted tends to distill into  developmental milestones that a person has reached.

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Which is where this word ‘Ontogeny‘ comes in. I’m interested in the development of software designers (organisms) on their path to design mastery (maturity) . What milestones have they mastered?  What’s next to bring people to the next level? How can I facilitate their growth?

For instance, do you have staff stuck writing pseudo-code when the people around them are competent using graphical models?  When modelling graphically, have you branched out beyond just class-diagrams?  Wondering what static versus dynamic views of a design entails?  Scared of Design Patterns?  Too addicted to Design Patterns?  Wondering when something shifts from an aspect of design to an aspect of architecture?  These are all skills I can help your organisation acquire, or hone further.

I’ll happily tailor tutoring services around software design that would run to the order of hours through days. Some examples might include:

  • Consultancy or tuition around software design tools like EnterpriseArchitect or StarUML.
  • Short UML training courses. Tailored topics might cover:
    • Integrated static and dynamic views with UML
    • What makes a good UML design diagram
    • Recognising bad code smells in design diagrams
    •  Didactic designs (encoding of design rationale)
  • As you might glean from my blog posts, I’ve covered quite a bit of ground with software construction.  Feel free to suggest something based on what I’ve done in the past.


I engaged Design Ontogeny to help our business analysts make the most of the tool ‘Enterprise Architect’ for our requirements capture and business process modelling activities. Lindsay gave us exactly what we needed. I happily endorse Design Ontogeny in this regard. 

Robert Morgan, IT Team Lead, QTAC


If you have an enquiry about this service, you can either ask via the form below, or via the following email address:


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