About Me

My name is Lindsay. I’m a married father of two young children living in Australia, and have a 20+year career in software development. I have a PhD, but mostly forget to call myself ‘Doctor’.

I operate a small software consultancy business called Design Ontogeny, and write software for diverse domains that have included environmental science, rail traffic control, workflow design and stockbroking.  For the business-minded, here’s my resume.

To give you a feel for what you’ll find on the blog, I’d written about it in a question/answer format below.

What topics will you find me covering?

I mostly write about about how I overcame challenges I’ve found with work and/or hobbies. I’ve noticed most of my hobbies are incompatible with strong daylight, just like their hobbyist. My posts tend to be about programming, computer games, vector graphics, and software usage in general.

A good pocket ninja always categorises their hobbies!

A good pocket ninja always categorises their hobbies!

Hence the blog name “Heliophobic“, which also segues nicely into the photophobia I get thanks to lazy retinas being slow to adjust to sudden light changes).  If it’s a post that’s outdoors in nature, I’ve lumped them altogether under the one blog category, given how infrequently I talk here about them.

Why am I blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?

The word ‘help’ is key to most things I find blog-worthy.   I enjoy sharing insights into the challenges I’ve faced off against that turn out to be useful to a wider community.

Wanna help a pocket ninja? Of course you do!

Wanna help a pocket ninja? Of course you do! Read on to find out how!

I’ve saved myself an immense amount of time over the years finding blog and forum posts that nail the technical challenge I’m wrestling with.  I enjoy the blogs more, because there’s often interesting context around the issue that can be worth knowing about. Because I enjoy consuming that kind of content, I also like producing that kind of content.

Every time I see a query springboard through to key content via my blog, there’s a certain pleasure I feel that in a small way, I helped the searcher get what they were looking for.  I guess you’d say that by now, I’m hooked on helping.

How frequently do I post updates to this blog?

I’m an irregular poster, averaging maybe an entry a month, dictated by whatever grabs my interest strongly enough to write.

This tends to be context dependent.  If there are good blog posts/forum entries out there for something I’m trying to do, I rarely bother adding my own take on it. When I post, it’s often because I perceived a lack of support around my particular experience.

Who would I love to connect with via this blog?

My hobbies can be eclectic, and I admit to wondering what my followers see in my bouncing from hobby item to hobby item.  I can only guess that those who decide to follow this blog experience enough signal:noise ratio that you don’t mind the uninteresting posts.

Of course, if you decide to subscribe, I’d love to know why.  If we share a hobby, and you have a blog that posts about it, you might have an avid new reader.

What's the collective noun for pocket ninja? A lint of of pocket ninja!

What’s the collective noun for pocket ninja? A lint of of pocket ninja!

There you go. That’s a summary of me and why I blog, with help of my pocket ninjas. The care and maintenance of pocket ninjas is something I take very seriously. Pocket ninjas flourish with heavy web traffic.  Don’t make me starve the pocket ninjas.  You wouldn’t like the pocket ninjas when they’re hangry.

How can you help me feed my pocket ninjas?  Subscribe! Comment (on a post, or below)! Pingback!  You get the idea… Fellow heliophobic hobby hunter, it’s time to engage!