My Morning Commute Through Heaven

Today’s blog is a reminder for my future self.  I’ve never had a work commute this stunningly beautiful before, and I’d love to have a fresh, crisp memory of it in later years when memory alone would only serve up something like “Back when I were closin’ in on me 40’s there was this forest I’d walk through to work. Pretty forest. Pass the salt whippersnapper!”.

We’re living pretty close to Toohey Forest since our latest move of houses, and we’re tucked into a valley that is surrounded on three sides by forest.  The skyline from our place does not feel like big-city-living, and I find that suits me just perfectly. The walking tracks are plentiful, and the walk takes me about half an hour. It’s hard yakka from the valley up to the Nathan Ridge track leading to Griffith University, and I’m guaranteed to break out a heavy sweat, even in the dead of winter.

Today was even more magical than normal (which is saying something), with a fog clinging to the city way past sunrise.  As I walked I decided to take a few snaps in an attempt to make the most of the rapidly fading mist.  Anyway… this post isn’t about the verbage, it’s about the visuals. And here they are:

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The evening commute is also beautiful, but in a different way.  At this time of year, the light has mostly faded from the sky before I begin my descent into what I’ve dubbed the “Valley of the thousand ground-stars”.  The outline of the trees against the fading skyline, and towards the end of the trip, glimpses of the valley are also cherished part of my daily commute.

So there we are future self.  Visit this post often, and re-kindle the gratitude for the best bloody work commute I’ve ever had.


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