If you love a Minecraft construct, set it free

I spent a bit of the weekend consolidating most of my Minecraft constructs into a single world with WorldEdit, given some tentative musings around setting up a home server. You see, my eldest has been going full-tilt into creating fantastic worlds of imagination and recently wondered aloud if we could build in the same world.

In doing the move, it occurred to me yesterday that surely there’s a web-location where peeps share their minecraft schematics. Lo and behold! Minecraft-schematics.com.

Doesn’t seem that popular at the moment, but never-the-less there are some stunning consturcts already up. So, you’re now free to take copies of the things people build and post to this site. As The Culture so elegantly put it, “Superiority through Redundancy!”.

There are a few more to go yet, but so far I’ve uploaded those that didn’t need much love:

And here’s a gallery of the schematics embedded in a test world:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, if you have some Minecraft schematics you’re looking to house remotely, and are happy to share what you’ve built, consider joining me in populating Minecraft-schematics.


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