And now for a little Minecraft Housing

Yesterday I learned that the latest PiTiVi has a bunch of effects editing added to its base release, thanks to Google’s Summer of Code. I just needed to take that dope for a spin today.  It’s been a fun learning curve, but I’m not quite where I want to be just yet in terms of high-quality output (when I crack it I’l blog in excruciating detail).

Still, right now I can brighten up Minecraft night scenes (notorously poor if Youtube is a good sample-set), and do some fades, etc.  All very nice.  Here’s the end-result of the learning process.  Two house designs that have their roots in my Sandstone Islet Getaway:

Here’s “Cobblestone 11sies” (built twice on two defunct multiplayer servers *sniffle*):

And “Fletcherholm”:

The wonderful thing is that the editing is nearly invisible.  If I’m not looking out for the transitions I miss them, but they certainly make a vastly better final result than what I could have previously pulled off with PiTiVi.


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