OCPD? Who? Me?!?

So, I had an “umbilical hernia repair” operation last Friday to fix a hernia that has been with me since last September.  The operation has for the most part stopped me dead in my tracks from doing anything beyond sitting and sleeping. Well, I could read, but I’m just not in the right head-space for it lately.

This week, I’ve gotten a lot of daytime sleep, and a lot (alot  is not a word but, it might just be better than you at everything) of sitting done.  While I sat, I played computer games.  Quite a bit of the time was spent polishing this little Minecraft world:

I’m so sick of computer games (f**k, did I just WRITE that?!?)  that I decided tonight that I’d do that youtube video instead.  On watching it, I fear this may represent undeniable proof that I might be just a tad OCPD.

On a more work-related note, the idea of a video came out of a work thing I was doing just before the operation.  I was interested in trying differing compression codecs in video standards, because whatever is being used in camstudio AVI container, is huge.  Now, I love camstudio, and a nice little synergy-generating windows hack called Sizer, but I need to do something about that 10 minute video that needs half a DVD for storage before the boss himself demands it.

Right now, I’m leaning with using PiTiVi to do the no-hassle conversion, goofing off with codecs to see which best compresses essentially static desktop images, with a bit of cursor/menu movement between “frames” lasting several seconds long. I’ve failed yet to find a nice richly-featured video format converter under Windows that doesn’t cost well.. nothing. :-/ So, it’s a bit of fiddling between two operating systems, but I’m down with that.

Anyway, hernia repair is healing nicely.  I went for a walk in the sun for about an hour today, which was nothing short of fantastic given the week preceding it. Extended visits to places that can’t guarantee me a good lie-down are probably still beyond me, but I suspect not for much longer. If tomorrow is as good again as today, Monday will be a (possibly medicated) school-day.


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