Ubuntu Desktop Videos for Youtube

I’m planning on ramping up my Ubuntu desktop video capture activity soon, and uploading it to Youtube. Because I always seem to manage to forget how to do it between attempts, here are some notes for next time.

First off, capture the desktop video with [my favourite tool for the job] gtk-recordMyDesktop.  I’ve tried others, but this seems the most reliable to date. I tend to select only a single window and record that. The trick to it (which I keep forgetting) is to right-click the window you want to be captured once the “Select Window” button is pressed. A frame should be drawn around the window if it’s been properly selected. Check that audio is turned off (I’m not a great fan of my own voice so I tend to dub in some music at a later stage).

The next step is to start recording. Keep an eye out for the record button that appears on the relevant  desktop panel. When video capture is finished, press that button to stop recording. If you don’t know to look  for the button, you may not see it.  Once recording stops, the video will be “cooked” with a little status bar to show you how much is left to do. Once it is complete, feel free to save the file somewhere.  It’s an OGG video codec, so an .ogv extension is good. Take the video for a brief tour with Totem video player. Keep an eye out for anything that needs editing out, especially on the head or tail end of the video.

It’s now time to do so basic editing and file format conversion (the raw file from gtk-recordMyDesktop isn’t a codec that Youtube likes, last I checked). My favourite video editing suite is PiTiVi. It’s relatively intuitive, and allows quick, easy audio/video clip manipulation. When it comes time to render the final edited video, we need to choose a codec that Youtube will accomodate. I use the following settings:

Video Output: 1080p full HD - 29,97 fps
Container: FLV muxer [flvmux]
Audio: FFmpeg ADPCM Shockwave Flash encoder [ffenc_adpcm_swf]
Video: FFmpeg Flash Video (FLV) encoder [ffenc_flv]

And here is an example end-result:


Record long, and prosper!


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