Workrave for the Posture-Challenged Desk Jockey

Right. Very small bog entry about a wonderful little tool called Workrave.  It’s basically a clever timer that allows someone recovering from physical injury to be reminded that the sitting posture is not something we’re designed to do for long periods as a species.

I’ve got two very small children, and I spend most of my days programming.  Last month something gave way in the back, and I was in agony for a fortnight.  It turns out that some natural wear-and tear on the lower spine is poorly aligned and pinching a nerve. Mostly likely, it’s root cause is a combination of years of poor posture, and wrangling my two under-five wee-wuns.

Physiotherapy is slowly bringing it all back together again, which is where Workrave comes in.  In a previous workplace, I saw a friend use it almost religiously.  I thought it was a good idea, and then promptly forgot all about it.  That is, until my Physiotherapist told me that he’d like me to take a 5 minute “get up and walk” break after every 15 minutes of sitting at the computer while I’m still in this “working, but painfully” zone.

So, It’s freeware, and has both Windows and Linux distributions, and works a treat. Since using it, I can get through an entire workday without the back muscles seizing up, which I have to tell you, is a very welcome relief.

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