Capturing The Masked Lampooner

I’m very close now to clearing out the inbox of all three of my email accounts (should I consolidate? Not yet.. each servers a dedicated purpose that is still needed). I’m down to the last dozen emails in my “possibly capable of being infected by spam” account, and it’s got a few really hard to classify/delete entries.

One of these last emails that I want occasional access to, but not in my email box. So, I’m going to post it here. It’s a superhero drawing and accompany text for my alter-ego, “The Masked Lampooner” as drawn, and written by the very talented Annette Fraser.

So here goes:

The Masked Lampooner

Possessed of an acerbic wit (and the skill to use it) and defying the inner self controls that would lead a normal man to rein himself in, Lindsay Bradford fights crime as the Masked Lampooner. Bradford’s powers are multifaceted: first he has the uncanny ability to quickly identify his foes’ weakest emotional points; second he instantaneously crafts the most vicious and devilishly clever verbal attacks which alone would be completely debilitating; and third, as he hurls these loaded words towards his adversary, the epithets take form, becoming razor sharp slivers of fast-flying matter that rend flesh from the bone and start the blood flowing.

Happily married to Grammar Gal,Fiona Black, the Masked Lampooner is a devoted and doting father to baby daughter Hannah who, as yet, has not manifested any super powers other than a disturbing ability to quickly change moods and a completely disarming smile.


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