Ressurection of my EPSON CX 3100 under Ubuntu

The draft résumé is ready for my wife to decimate with her l33t editing skills. She needs a printout, and because I’m a) currently in a phase of negative cash flow, and b) really wanting to know if our 5 year old printer/scanner truly died, (or as I suspected back then, just got rolled by Windows wierdness), today I resurrected the beast.

When I bought this scanner/printer, I was very careful to choose a model that sold itself as USB compliant. I originally had the thing on my desk running seamlessly under a variant of Fedora but Fiona needed it more, so we moved it to her Windows 2000 box, and it worked well for a while. Then one day, it just kinda died, Juice was going to it, and the device itself though everything was good, but Windows just couldn’t see it, no matter which USB port I put it in.

Then something big happened (wast it Hannah? The Thesis writeup?) Whatever it was, trying to sort it out on top of other priorities just wasn’t going to happen. Then, as these things go, we got used to not having it, and it just kinda faded into the background as a piece of “stuff” that just migrates with us, but doesn’t actually contribute anything beyond the volume of air it occupies.

Fast-forward to today’s deisre to print the résumé without spending any money.. I got the EPSON CX 3100 working with a bit of fiddling under Fiona’s Ubuntu environment. I ended up needing their online reference manual and the setup sheet to remind me that I had to disable the transportation lock (psst… it’s the switch beside the scanner glass plate).

I also had some trouble enabling the printer. By default, when I attempted to enable it, Ubuntu would prompt me for a root user password, which is a bit of a problem under Ubuntu. After way too long faffing around with google-fu, I finally tried granting myself privileges to configure the printer via System->Administration->Users and Groups.

See the checkbox “Configure printers” below? Check that, and the magic flows…

That’s the printer side sorted. The scanner side was thankfully alot easier. After an install of XSane, I just pressed the “gimme a scan” button and got my turtle drawing.

Life is good. Print and scan long, and prosper!


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