Ressurection of the LaTeX Résumé

>Sshh! We’re hunting jobs!

First, we’re going to need bait. I have some bait, but it is years old and getting very smelly. It’s time to follow the same recipe and cook up a new enticing dish for those willing to give me money for my services.

This recipe calls for a very special cooking pot called LaTeX. I love LaTeX, and that’s all the justification I care to give you. Keep using Word (or whatever else you care to), but keep off my LaTeX love-in lawn. LaTeX is my bag baby! Yeah!

Now… first, and foremost, the fundamental reason for this post is a reminder of what LaTeX packages I need under Ubuntu 10.04 to get my résumé factory cranking out shiny new, highly addictive PDFs capturing all the crazy, zany things I’ve done professionally to date.

  • TexLive: Essential programs and files
  • TexLive: LaTeX Basic Packages
  • TexLive: LaTeX Recommended Packages
  • TexLive: LaTeX Supplementary Packages
  • TexLive: LaTeX Auxiliary Packages
  • TexLive: MetaPost (and MetaFont) Drawing Packages
  • TexLive: Extra Fonts

Ok.. so.. I don’t need all of the above for just the résumé, but with them, I can also re-cook the PhD thesis from is raw LaTeX source. As it’s the most complex thing I’ve ever done with LaTeX, I can guarantee with the above packages, that everything I could ever do with LaTeX I could do again if the mood suits me.

Two final things…

Firstly, I have a thing for fonts. Sexy, proportional fonts, laid out in a professionally typeset manner (oops.. I promised not to get all evangelical). Finding out what fonts are available, and what they look like is a bit like choosing which herbs to sprinkle about the dish. Mmmmm. Nummy!

Finally, here’s the current draft of the résumé, JIC you care to know why I went to all this effort.

Typeset long, and prosper!


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