My name is Lindsay Bradford. I’m a father of two. I like reading, computer games, playing guitar, origami, gardening, and the occasional bicycle ride. I crave sleep the way it was pre-fatherhood.

A picture of me taking my eldest child for a cycle

Blog Posts

So you’ve been warned, this is not a life-blogging site. Though I don’t have a hard rule on what I’ll post about, it typically tends to be around my hobbies and/or career. I’m an irregular poster, averaging maybe a post a month, dictated by whatever grabs my interest strongly enough to compel me to write.  

I have a software development career that’s spanned 20 years and a number of domains including stockbroking, workflow design, rail traffic control, and environmental modelling. You can find more detail on these activities via my resume.

Programming is also a hobby for me. If you’re interested in seeing my programming chops directly, I’ve a number of projects listed at GitHub and Google Code. I’ll also occasionally lurk at StackOverflow, Coderwall, Coderbits and Talentopoly.

I post just in case something turns out to be useful to others as well. I do it because I get a deep sense of satisfaction out of seeing your arcane search terms leading you to something I’ve struggled with and then written about solving.  If you found something useful, I’d love to hear from you.

Design Ontogeny

I offer consultancy services around software construction and design. See the Design Ontogeny page for more detail or how to contact me in this regard.

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For those who’ve been following me for a while, this is the new homepage for what was once called “Dreamer’s Hollow” parked under the Bradford Coins website (my parent’s business, where I act as the webmaster).


In what seems now to be a former life, I completed a PhD around making unrestricted changes to running web servers under heavy loads. Though I enjoyed the experience, it taught me that I have little interest making a career as a scientist.  However, I have found myself gravitating back to working with scientists, because they’re always doing such terribly interesting things.

If you’re interested in my PhD work and the related publications, see my Research page.  If you’re interested in knowing what other research I’ve contributed to since that time, ResearchGate is a better source.

Finally, I did a lot around the LaTeX typesetting package during my PhD years. Because I still get the occasional search hit, I’ve decided to leave the LaTeX content up for those who are still using it regularly.

Other Interests

I share a passion for Minecraft with my daughter, and occasionally upload favoured schematics to minecraft-schematics.com. Feel free to make use of them in your own Minecraft worlds.

I enjoy drawing scalable clipart as SVG files using the excellent drawing tool Inkscape.

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Some images I list on cafepress. If you’re in the market for a new t-shirt, etc. check out my designs. Maybe you’ll find something you’d like to own. Other images I’ll list via openclipart.org.  These have all been released under a very open copyright licence.  Feel free to take, use, change, etc. to your heat’s content.

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